Health Concerns Regarding Thumb Sucking

Thumb or finger sucking can be a troublesome problem. This habit often leads to serious health concerns down the road. It is important to understand the dangers of thumb or finger sucking, and put an end to the practice before any damage is done.

It’s Unsanitary

This is the most obvious reason. Kids love touching new things to experience the texture and functionality of objects, and finger and thumb sucking exposes your child to many different harmful germs that can cause illness.

Dental Problems

Dentists worry about the damage that can result from thumb and finger sucking—especially if the habit continues after permanent teeth come in. As the mouth grows and permanent teeth become present, finger or thumb sucking may cause teeth to become unaligned. This can lead to jaw problems, gum disease, and more. It can also lead to speech impediments as well. Preventing your child from sucking their thumb or fingers helps protect their teeth, but it also saves you a lot of money in the long run.

Skin Problems

Fingers or thumb sucking can lead to serious infection. Overexposure to moisture can cause skin to crack or bleed, allowing bacteria to potentially attack the open wound.


There are a number of steps you can take to end your child’s finger or thumb sucking ways. You can read about them in our friendly guide here. Investing in a finger or thumb sucking prevention device, such as the TGuard AeroThumb or TGuard FingerGuard, is a quick and efficient solution. These products can help your child stop sucking fingers or thumbs within 30 days. To learn more about TGuard’s products, you can check out our products page today.

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