How to Stop Thumb Sucking

Wondering how to stop thumb sucking and finger sucking? Although it is a natural tendency for babies, thumb and finger sucking are common problems among toddlers and even some young children. In order to comfort or sooth themselves, most babies suck their thumbs or fingers. However, the practice can be damaging as a child gets older. Experts advise to break your child’s thumb or finger sucking habit around the age of 3 or 4. This may be a difficult task to accomplish because toddlers and young children grow accustomed to the routine and the comfort it provides. However, with some tips, you may be able to help put an end to it.

Limit Thumb or Finger Sucking

Limiting thumb or finger sucking to nap or bedtime will gradually reduce the urge, making this approach more effective than trying to stop immediately.

Use Positive Reinforcement When Addressing the Problem

Positive reinforcement or praise is more effective than criticizing or yelling when your child is sucking his or her thumb. By using positive encouragement or rewards, your child will be more motivated to quit.

Come Up with Creative Ways to Get Your Child to Stop

Try to think outside the box. Everyone is different, so it is important to notice what methods your child responds to. You can use a favorite fictional character, for example. Surely a super hero wouldn’t suck his or her thumb.

Use Other Activities to Keep Your Child Busy

Distracting your child with other fun activities can also help with thumb or finger sucking problems. From puzzles and games to coloring, the possibilities are endless. The trick is to get your child moving, making sure their hands are busy and preoccupied elsewhere.

Invest in Anti-Thumb Sucking Guard

There are many anti-thumb sucking devices on the market that can effectively rid your child of the habit. Thumb or finger guards, such as the TGuard AeroThumb or FingerGuard, provide a solid but comfortable barrier between your child’s thumb or fingers and their mouth. These products can help stop thumb and finger sucking in 30 days or less.

Put an End to Thumb and Finger Sucking

Dentist approved products are typically the most effective way to stop thumb and finger sucking in its tracks. To learn more about preventing thumb or finger sucking products, you can visit TGuard’s anti-thumb or finger sucking device page. Put a stop to thumb and finger sucking today!

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