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*Testimonials on this site are examples of what ThumbGuard/FingerGuard has done for our customers, and what some of our customers have said about us. However, we cannot guarantee the results in any case. Your results may vary and every situation is different. No compensation was provided for these testimonials.


I really wanted to write a review for your website as I am so impressed with this product. Our 4 year old daughter had been sucking her fingers since she was a baby and it was something she did ALL the time. It was also impacting her socially at daycare where she’d suck her fingers instead of participating in a new activity. We used the tguard for the full 43 nights with the first night being the hardest where she cried for it to come off. From then on she was fine and loved putting her star on the chart each day and choosing her colour band. We also gave her weekly rewards and a final present at the end that she could choose. It has been just over 2 weeks on from finishing and it is like she never sucked her fingers in her life. Wow!! So thankful to have found this product šŸ™‚



just wanted to thank you for this fantastic product. It seems to have totally worked on our 4 year old who was a chronic thumb sucker! We had tried the bitter polish and nagging but she was so addicted -nothing worked.We tried the thumb guard for 3 weeks and noticed instant results. We expected stress and tantrums but there were none. Showing her the photos helped self motivate her and she saw the thumb guard as something to help her. So far, she is not sucking her thumb and she is so proud of herself. We’re so pleased she has broken the habit.So thank you very much. It works!



Hi Helen,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for The finger guard that my daughter has recently stopped wearing. I held off leaving feedback until now as I wanted to make sure she really had stopped. This product is simply amazing, and I was shocked that everyone I talked to about it hadn’t heard of it. Our dentist recommended it, and it was money well spent. On top of a great product, your customer service is excellent too, so thank you. To be honest, I was expecting the worst when we put it on (4 year old daughter), but to be honest it was pretty trouble free. We kept her super busy the first 3 days and she fell asleep after about 20 mins of whimpering, with me sitting next to her (which I never normally do), but no hysteria, which I was fully expecting. We had been shopping that morning to buy some little rewards that she got each morning for the first week when she woke up in the morning, which certainly helped a lot. I actually ended up changing the bracelet strap and cleaning the guard once she was asleep, because she would put her fingers straight back in when I took it off to clean. And we also left it on day and night for just over 5 weeks, as that was the recommendation after talking to you about her ‘oral fixation’- she would chew on the guard or another finger in her mouth and chew on it if she was nervous. Please can you put this on your testimonials page. I’m so happy with the product, and we will be repeat customers soon as her younger sister sucks her thumb too!

Many thanks Fiona.*

Hi Helen,
I purchased a finger guard from you in November and I wanted to let you know how it went.
My daughter, who just turned 5, has sucked her finger since she was 3 months old. The habit had affected the positioning of her front teeth. I tried for a year to try and make her stop by using nail paint, star charts, rewards and nagging with no success. I found out about the finger guard by searching for a solution on the internet one day and it was my last hope to try and break the habit.
The first two days were the hardest as my daughter was very angry and upset and demanded it be taken off and cried herself to sleep the first night. But we stayed strong and persevered. Not having the comfort of her finger made her very grumpy for weeks but it was a case of short term pain for long term gain.
Within a week there was already a dramatic improvement. We took the finger guard off every afternoon to air out her finger and to wash it and she didn’t suck her finger. She wore it for 23 days, day and night, before we were confident the habit was broken and we stopped putting it on during the day. That was a couple of weeks ago and she hasn’t sucked her finger once. She wore it 30 nights straight and we are confident she has stopped sucking it at night because when we check on her, her finger is nowhere near her face whereas before it would be in her mouth.

The other day she said to me that if she was to put her finger in her mouth it wouldn’t feel right, it would feel weird. She is so happy now – no grumpiness. The finger guard has been a complete success. She has stopped in time before her adult teeth start to come through just as her dentist advised. My only regret is that I didn’t find out about it sooner! But better late than never. All the children, parents and teachers at her kindy have asked about the finger guard (nobody knew what it was) and I have explained and recommended it to everyone.

Thank you so much!




Two words describe Fingerguard….pure genius.



Hi Helen,

I just wanted to say thank you so much. Leah is no longer a thumb sucker. I can scarcely believe in just over a month that she went from sucking it all night, in the car, in front of the tv, on the ipad, in the classroom to not at all. It has made a huge difference to her and her self confidence. I cannot thank you for your excellent advice and the thumb guards themselves enough.




My two daughters have both used the Thumbguard, with excellent success. My eldest daughter was 6 1/2 and decided on her own that it was time to stop. She wore the Thumbguard on one thumb (other one was in a cast) for 12 days, and hasn’t sucked her thumb since, she is nearly 8. My youngest daughter who is 5 has just finished using the Thumbguard. She went to the Dental Therapist who said if you keep sucking your thumb you might end up with teeth like bugs bunny, that was her motivation to stop and wanted the Thumbguards on that night. She sucked both her thumbs so we put one guard on each thumb and 15 days later took it off, and she hasn’t sucked her thumb since. Both girls only had the Thumbguards on at night-time, and that was enough along with willpower to resist the urge in the daytime. My husband and I am so proud of both my daughters and so thankful to ThumbGuard. It is an excellent product and best $140.00 spent.

Heidi Jacobs (Botany, Auckland)*



I just wanted to let you know how sucessful we were using the t-guard. We were quite concerned about our 5 year daughter, who had been sucking her thumb since she was a toddler, as we were noticing that her teeth and her face were changing. After using the t-guard for 3 weeks our daughter no longer sucks her thumb! I am so very greatful for this product and I’ll reccommend it to anyone who is facing the same problem.

Many thanks, Emily Cridge :)*


Absolutely brilliant!

Hi Helen, I just wanted to let you know that your products have stopped my kids finger and thumb sucking. I am absolutely over the moon!! They were such persistent suckers that’ i was a little sceptical as to whether they would work, but after 10 days they had stopped sucking and now 6 weeks later there is no more finger/thumb sucking in our house. I would strongly recommend your product to any one who has a child who sucks a finger or thumb. Thank you so much, I will definitely spread the word!!

Kind regards




Good afternoon I just wanted to write to you to inform you that your product is fantastic. Our 7 year old son did not want to stop sucking his thumb. He was teased at school for wearing the Thumb-guard and hated it. However after 30 days continual usage the results were nothing short of amazing. Fantastic product. Thoroughly impressed.



Success as promised!

Our daughter, (4) has sucked her 2 middle fingers on her left hand from 4 months old. At 5 months I asked the GP for help to stop, he thought it was great that she could self soothe… 4 years later the habit had got so bad that she was doing it all the time. She wanted to stop then I found Finger Guard.She figured out many ways to get it off, so we just kept modifying how we put the straps on, and by day 3 we got it right. She wore it for 2 weeks day and night. Then the next 2 weeks just at night. The habit has disappeared out of her life like it was never there! we are all gob smacked at how terrific this product is and recommend any parent use it. It takes perseverance, and a little bit of extra time and commitment , but the results are so worth it for them. So grateful for finger guard, and so is our daughter.



Thank You Thumbguard!!!

I had to write and thank you for such an awsome product that really does do what it promises. My 6 year old son has been a thumb sucker from the time he was born. After his first visit to the school dentist I was told that the shape of his mouth had already started to alter and if the thumb sucking didn’t stop he would certainly need orthodontic treatment in the future. I tried everything I could think of to break the habit, without success. After only one month of wearing the Thumbguard his habit has completely stopped and shows no signs of returning. I can not recommend this product enough to anyone with a child that has the same habit. Thank you again!!!!



I just wanted to say thanks for offering such a great product. My five year old daughter has been a finger sucker (two fingers on her left hand) from the time she was a baby. She hadn’t shown any signs of growing out of it, and at her dental check this year, the nurse was very concerned about her deformed palate. The dental nurse recommended a finger guard, and I’m amazed at how well it worked. After two weeks, she no longer sucks her fingers, and she says it’s easy not to! Her smile has already started to change, and she looks so beautiful and grown up! Stopping the finger sucking has also stopped her scratching her face (which she used to do while sucking), so on top of a gorgeous smile, she also has healthy skin! Thanks so much. šŸ™‚


I just wanted to tell you guys at Thumguard what an excellent product you have. My 10 yr old son has sucked both his thumbs from birth, so after 10 yrs the damage to his teeth was really worrying us. We tried everything to get him to stop. Nothing worked. All the Orthadontist would offer us was a thumb crib that would be cemented into his mouth & a very expensive bill! I was so happy when i saw your ad in Littles magazine advertising the Thumbguard. We bought one end of last year and have’nt looked back. It has taken a few months of wearing them every night and alot of tears in the beginning because his urge to suck was so strong. I’m now so happy to say the urge is no longer there and the sucking has completley stopped. His teeth have already started to move back into the right positions, something we were told would never happen. So a huge THANKYOU for this simple yet wonderful product.


We bought your thumbsucking remedy to stop item, far out – fantastic, first off my nearly 8 year old made an effort to stop himself before it arrived, but we have used it for the last week – he has completely stopped sucking his thumb, should have done this when he was a baby A++++++++ AWESOME PRODUCT – A MUST FOR ALL PARENTS WITH THUMB SUCKERS


After only 2 weeks, our son no longer wants to suck his thumb and we’ve noticed that although his hand sometimes wanders to his mouth in his sleep he actually pulls it away – must be making progress in the subconscious! I swear his teeth already look better and we only had 2 rough nights in the beginning…..Treasures need to do an article on you guys so others can find you easily šŸ™‚


Quick delivery – great product! Our hardcore thumbsucker no longer sucks her thumbs! A+++++


This thank you note is many months overdue. But as I recommended the thumbguard to two more people this week, including my pediatrician, I decided a thank you note was in order. Thank you, thank you, thank you! If I could shout it from the mountaintops, I would. Every dentist and pediatrician needs to be aware of your product and its effectiveness.

It worked, just as your material said it would. Three weeks of 24*7 wear, and we were done! No more thumbsucking! And after an additional month of no thumbsucking, my 3 year old daughter’s (Aaron)mouth had completely changed shape. The teeth had all moved back into the correct position. I was amazed at how different her mouth looked, and so quickly.

The dentist was surprized with the change, as well. She double checked the notes that she had made at the previous visit about the condition of Aaron’s mouth and teeth. I confirmed for her that her notes were, in fact, accurate and that the mouth had changed substantially.

WE NEED TO GET THE WORD OUT!!!!!!! Many families could be helped by the use of this product.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Lynn Ball*

I just wanted to let you know how pleased (and amazed!) I am with your product! We have tried everything to stop my 7 year old daughter’s thumb sucking habit to no avail. I mentioned to my pediatrician that we were going to get the dental appliance and she handed me some information about your product. I purchased it on-line that day and started using it the day we recieved it. Within one week, she no longer needed it during the day, and within three weeks she was cured! I have sent your web-page to our dentist- I am a believer! Thank you very much!

Angela Thurman*

It has been almost two years since I used the T-guard for my son. I still talk about how easy and great this device is. I have recommended it to our peditrician and our dentist, and everyone who I run into that is seeking a solution to this problem. My son sucked his thumb(s), either one, from birth to age 4. After using the T-guard(s), I had to use them on both hands, for 3 weeks, the habit was gone! He has not regressed into the habit even once since then, almost two years! And his teeth are not protuding as much as they were. His health is better, not sick as often, since he is not putting so many germs in his mouth. I just can’t thank you enough for this product. The best money I have ever spent.

Cheryl Garrison*

My baby is 2 years old and has been sucking his finger, day and night, since the day he was born. He was hurting his thumb, but thanks to your treatment, my baby doesnt suck his finger anymore. I entered, which is dedicated to mothers and children, and i gave them the name of your company, because i want to help them the same way that you have helped me with this fabulous treatment. In the name of my husband, we are so thankful for this fabulous invention.

Lucelia R*

Can’t thank the people at MED et al Development enough. My daughter, Emily, started wearing the Thumbguard on January 22, 2002 and is already celebrating several triumphs. She now goes all day including nap times without wearing the device. She only needs it at bedtime and that is soon close to an end.
But before you can understand our excitement in our household, you have to understand how severe her habit was up until we started the treatment. Emily is 5 years old and has sucked her thumb ever since our first ultrasound of her early in the pregnancy. We tried many options over the course of the past year only to face failure and to reluctantly go back to watching her suck her thumb.
The price I paid for the Thumbguard was the best money I spent thus far this year. She has even thanked me for buying it for her!
Thank you for giving my daughter the pride to say she stopped the habit. Something she has been telling everyone as her eyes just beam with joy.

Kristen Henderson*

I just wanted to let you know that the T-guard was amazing. My son sucked his thumb before he was born. After his third birthday, I knew something had to be done. I ordered the T-guard. After viewing the video, I attempted to put the device on his thumb. Needless to say, I didn’t do it correctly and he pulled it off. His exact words were ‘I guess you need to look at the video again.’ It took a few times but I was successful. After about 4-5 weeks, my son was no longer a thumb sucker. I have recommended the product to anyone who would listen. As a matter of fact, my daughter and I were talking and she’d even forgotten that he had ever sucked his thumb. Again, Thank-you for developing a product that is moderately priced and works miracles.

Trina Wilson*

Just wanted to say that I was completely surprised and shocked that my 4 1/2 year old daughter finally stopped sucking her thumb thanks to T-Guard. She wore them for 3 weeks in December 2001 at night only. I had tried every possible thing I had heard about, to no avail. I was skeptical as she had a die hard, serious habit. We had made some progress behaviorally since age 3 by telling her she was welcome to suck her thumb but she must do it in her room. Therefore she pretty much gave it up during the day. She still sucked her thumb when she got sleepy in the car, for naps or bedtime. She WANTED to stop, she would try for about 15 minutes at night and then cry because she was so exhausted while fighting this huge urge to suck her thumb. The T-Guard took away her need to fight the urge and the inner conflict. It simply helped her break the habit. She was so happy with herself! I wish I knew about these when she was 2!
I would add that I promoted T-Guard to her from the beginning as a special, beautiful bracelet for girls who want to have “princess teeth.” I showed her the picture of the girl wearing it on your website and told her she was going to be a big girl just like the girl in the picture. We told her after wearing this special bracelet her teeth would not stick out anymore and she would have “princess teeth.” Finally, when she wore the last bracelet and had not sucked her thumb for a whole month, we rewarded her by buying her a “big girl bed.” She was so proud of herself. We gave her lots of positive encouragement and praise along the way. I’m totally surprised that only a few months later, her teeth have moved back to a normal position and do not stick out at all. They are completely in line with her other teeth and her smile looks so much prettier. So wanted to say thank you again and let you know that your product worked.

Nicole Fain*

I wanted to thank you and your company for creating the Thumb Guard product. It helped my daughter (finally) stop sucking her thumb at the age of four. Not only is your product second to none, but your customer service is, as well! I truly appreciated you following up with us individually and helping us with our questions. I will recommend your product to anyone I know who needs it. It worked wonders. Thank you again.

Eric and Chih-Lan Olson*

My name is Tami Burgeson and I have a 10-year old daughter who sucks her thumb. We have tried everything from the bandaids, sports wraps, mittens, gloves with watches wrapped around the wrist. Nothing has worked. Two years ago our dentist, (who is a family friend) suggested the mouth appliance. So, for 3 months she wore it until her gums started growing around the metal. He immediately took it out. For a year we tried all those other things mentioned above AGAIN. No luck, unfortunately. Last week he insterted the mouth appliance in her mouth again. Not only is it uncomfortable, it’s hard to play the saxophone and do well in voice lessons. We feel like we are punishing her for something that she doesn’t know she’s even doing. She only sucks her thumb at night but it is obvioulsy affecting her teeth. Tonight I sat down at the computer and found your product. I will fax my information tomorrow morning and the faster you can get this miracle product to us, the happier our 10 year old will be. Also, I am going to our dentist tomorrow to ask him to take the mouth appliance out as soon as possible! You have given us new hope! I thank God I found you!

Tami L. Burgeson*

I wanted to let you know that your Thumb Guard was very succesful! The colorful bracelets helped my child to be very excited to have the Thumb Guard put on every night. She would try to match her pajamas to the color of the bracelet. After six years of thumb sucking, she is now putting herself to sleep at night with no thumb sucking! Thank you for taking the emotional energy and drama out of changing this habit.

Lori Sloan*

I wanted to thank you. My son Quincy has sucked his thumb from the “Very Beginning”!!! He didn’t even know 80% of the time that it was even in his mouth, it was such a habit. He is 10 years old. He would get very upset with himself, but as he would say “My thumb just pops in my mouth!” I searched the internet to find help for him, and read about the T-Guard. With the help of my dentist, we ordered it. He wore it day and night for 20 days. He has not sucked his thumb since. It has been 3 months now. He is more outgoing and has more confidence in himself than ever before. Thanks!!!!


Comments from Doctors and Professionals:

Dr. Perry Patel
Even though my son was only 18mths old i wanted to stop his constant thumbsucking habit. i found your product through practicon dental supply. Initially i was very skeptical, but he quit sucking in about 3 weeks, the appliance was a little big for his hand but it still worked. being a children’s dentist, i now have a relatively inexpensive resource for my patients.this is not a paid testimonial!*

Dr. Martha Dawson, D.D.S.
… The T-Guard is revolutionizing the way I treat patients with a thumb sucking habit. I no longer use an intraoral appliance when I can use the more effective extraoral T-Guard.*

Dr. Steven Yarmosky, D.D.S.
. . . I tried it first on my four year old daughter . . . Though I was extremely pleased by her immediate breaking of her thumb habit, I was even more amazed by her personality change: happier, more confident, more outgoing and more interactive with her siblings and friends. . .*

Dr. Jay Levitt, D.D.S.
. . . I had the opportunity to give this kit [T-Guard] to a 12 year old child that has sucked his thumb from birth. His habit has caused a significant change in his oral structures. His mom has tried everything including a fixed orthodontic device which he was currently wearing. He had had it for several months – his mom reports that it did not slow him down a bit. After four days with your appliance [T-Guard] the mom called ecstatic with glee because her son stopped his habit. . .*

Dr. Kyle Jackson, D.D.S.
. . . I used your appliance [T-Guard] on my six year old daughter. I had tried to curb her thumb sucking habit through educating her on its detrimental effects to her dentition. When she was willing to try and discontinue her habit, I tried using a fixed habit appliance. After 6 months with her fixed appliance she was still trying to suck her thumb. She was my toughest case. Then I . . . used your T-Guard thumb habit appliance. In 1 week I removed her fixed appliance. Within 3 weeks her habit completely stopped. Your appliance worked great. My daughter said it was comfortable and she found it highly effective in curbing not only her ability to suck her thumb, but also her desire to suck her thumb. . .*


*Testimonials on this site are examples of what ThumbGuard/FingerGuard has done for our customers, and what some of our customers have said about us. However, we cannot guarantee the results in any case. Your results may vary and every situation is different. No compensation was provided for these testimonials.

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