As much as we want to see your success, we understand that this is a hard habit to break, and sometimes an exchange or return must be made.

If you feel that the size you ordered is incorrect, it is possible to exchange sizes if you are still under the warranty period (around 30 days). Before you send us your appliances, we must emphasize that the important parameter when it comes to wearing the right size is not the length of the tube: it is the space between the thumb (or finger) and the tube (it must be large enough to allow air to pass through). If you see that the clearance between the thumb (or finger) and the tube is small enough that a suction can be created (in other words, the thumb or finger plug up the tube), you must exchange for a larger size. If you ordered a size for a particular age group, and your child is significantly lighter in weight than others in that age group, we would recommend exchanging for a smaller size). Please Contact us to arrange an exchange. If you are not 100% sure that you need a different size, please also Contact us so we can arrange a photo of the device on your child’s hand. An analyst will review the photo and provide their recommendations.

Some children chew on the appliance until it is no longer functional. We do offer free replacements for our customers, who are under our warranty period (around 30 days), if their device is so damaged that it is no longer functional. To qualify for this offer, we ask our customers to send us a photo of the chewed or damaged device. To start this process please Contact us.

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